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Passions Combined

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

It's is fortunate and wonderful when passionate hobbies intersect. The opportunities that I have had to become an airplane pilot, to travel extensively, to become licensed to fly drones, and then to learn to play pickleball, strangely enough, led to the hobby of web design. Over the last three years, these passions have melded together to create I believe that it is now the world's largest collection of drone photography of pickleball courts. It's a fairly specific niche, and I'm guessing it's one that might be a tough record to break ;-)

There are currently two photo collections in the gallery on the website. One is worldwide pickleball courts, and the other is worldwide landscape photos. If you are looking for a beautiful pickleball gift, or something to treat yourself that is fun and pleasing to the eyes, please take a look and browse the collections. See if I have captured your home courts, or courts where you might have played, such as Indian Wells at Margaritaville. Many of the places my husband, Ky, and I have visited (both on and off courts) are so beautiful, hopefully the photos will inspire you to travel to them yourself.

We are still traveling, albeit not internationally these days. The coronavirus has clipped our wings, so we are staying in the U.S. for now. We're not flying commercially or going abroad until things settle down. God willing, I will continue to add more courts to the gallery. I hope to see many of our friends, or make new ones, at those places.

Thank you for taking a look. If you like what you see, please pass it on to a friend who might enjoy my photography as well.

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The brand new pickleball courts in Gilbert, AZ are a sight to behold, and the play there is awesome!

P.S. By the way, the company I'm working with to fulfill orders will ship all over the world!

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