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Why There Are So Many Drone Shots of Pickleball Courts on This Site

Updated: Oct 21, 2020 was built around a love of all things aerial and the photography that it inspires. As a nomad, I found that it was difficult to find the time, incentive and desire to spend the large amount of money it takes to rent an airplane. When traveling, there is the additional expense of hiring a certified flight instructor (CFI) to get checked out every time I wanted to rent a plane in a new place like Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls Aviation Flying 3500' Pilot Bonnie Coffey HoverHigher Coffeys2Go, waterfall, view, aerial, photo, shot
Niagara Falls from 3500 ft. Photo credit to Ky Coffey. I was busy flying the plane.

A drone seemed the perfect answer to fill my desire to get in the air. When my husband, Ky, asked me what I wanted for a birthday gift, my request was for a quadcopter. That gift started all that you find on this site. It was Ky's tolerance for my usual complete immersion in learning something new, and an unexpected rooftop landing (oops!) on my first flight that once again proved my sweet husband's love for me. He volunteered to go up on the tall roof, despite a dislike for heights, to retrieve my new DJI Phantom Pro.

Over the subsequent years, my enjoyment of flying drones has only increased as I've learned so much more about how to safely maneuver them and how to land them where I want to! I've bought a couple of newer models and I appreciate the fact that new ones are so small that they fit in a bag the size of a lunch box. It really makes them so much easier to stick in my backpack for traveling.

If you want to know more of the stories behind some of the photos you'll find on this site, please visit It is my pet sitting, travel and pickleball website. It is where I write the most blogs, many of them having to do with drone flying. It will also explain my weird obsession with pickleball courts!

By the way, 10/10/20 is World Pickleball Day. My latest drone video is up on YouTube. Check it out at

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